Cochran Law​  Real Estate Boutique

Trevor Cochran

Before founding Cochran Law, Trevor practiced within the real estate department of a large Toronto "Bay Street" firm as a secured transactions lawyer, retained by top institutional lenders funding large scale commercial developments. This provided him with invaluable training and experience; however he desired a more personal relationship with his clients, built on trust and mutual respect rather than on the decisions of committees and limited liability partnerships. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Trevor's philosophy in creating Cochran Law was to bring the very highest level of legal representation within reach of the individual and small business client. He continues to represent large corporate clients as well, but now it is only those who appreciate having a true personal advocate on their team. Trevor brings to his clients a wide and varied experience base. Having previously owned a small but successful chain of retail boutiques, being the present owner and Broker of Record of Cochran Ltd. Real Estate Brokerage, as well as being an award winning Broker in his own right, specializing in high-end residential homes and commercial investment properties, Trevor has unsurpassed interpersonal skills, an innate understanding of the entrepreneurial mind, and he is an excellent negotiator.